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Launch of Renewable Energy Route Map for Wales

19 May 2008

The Minister for Sustainablility, Environment and Housing, Jane Davidson has launched the consultation on Wales's first renewable energy route map.

Speaking at the launch this morning, SDC Commissioner for Wales Peter Davies stated that:

"The Renewable Energy Route Map is an exciting, forward thinking plan for utilising our strong renewable resources in the fight against climate change. Self sufficiency in renewable electricity within 20 years is an exciting prospect which can be achieved alongside a determined effort to reduce energy consumption.

The Welsh Assembly Government has set a commendable vision, which could create jobs, opportunities and enhance our reputation as a forward looking country. Communities, people and businesses can now make informed decisions on the future of energy in Wales. Now is the time to respond and have your say as the vision will only be achieved with support and active engagement from all sectors.

The route map has to be at the heart of the economic development strategy for Wales, where the partnership with the private sector is so critical. It has the potential to create numerous jobs and opportunities in Wales, taking Wales forward into a innovative, low carbon, knowledge based economy.

Wales will need to implement a suite of renewable energy technologies to enable its transition to a low carbon economy – it’s not one or other, either or, we’re going to need all forms of low carbon electricity generation to replace our fossil fuel generated energy for transport and heat.

This will involve the commitment of communities, public, private and public sector so that Wales can showcase a truly diverse range of renewable energy technologies. The public sector through authorities like Torfaen have a key leadership role in their own communities. We need to recognise the concern that exists about the impact of renewable energies. This concern, particularly for visual impact, needs to be set in the context of the radical impact of climate change. We should not underestimate the hunger that exists at community level to participate in these changes, as evident through examples such as the Pembrokeshire energy community network.

The faster Wales can reduce its demand for electricity the quicker this commendable aspiration of self sufficient renewable electricity within 20 years can be achieved".

Renewable Energy Route Map for Wales Consultation

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