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Test your corporate citizenship

17 March 2010

The Good Corporate Citizenship Assessment Model Scotland website, developed by the SDC for NHSScotland, is now live.
The assessment model provides practical advice for all NHSScotland organisations on how to develop sustainable practices through a series of questions relating to all aspects of their organisation from travel through buildings to community engagement.

GCCAM homepageThe Assessment Model is designed to be used by all NHSScotland Boards, both geographical boards and Special NHS Boards.

The test is designed for all NHS Scotland Boards but for the bigger boards it may be useful to take one test for each site or division. Equally it is unlikely that one person knows the answers to all the questions.

The tool’s strength is that it can generate greater awareness and activity around sustainability issues, both amongst staff and with partner organisations.

Workshop package 

A workshop package is available to use for gathering the information needed to do the assessment. The aim is for the information to be input as consistently as possible.

The score for each question is graded from ‘getting started’ to ‘excellent’ with 10 sub divisions to capture all progress.

Honesty will be the best policy when it comes to answering these questions, as the model is built around how to continually make the organisation’s practices more sustainable.

Tool for improvement 

This is not an official auditing process but a tool for improvement and a starting point for NHS peer reviewing. The results can be shared with other organisations and compared with guidance on what scores your organisation should be aiming to achieve by 2012, 2015 and 2020.

This assessment model has been developed with NHSScotland in mind but there is no reason this can’t be adapted to the wider public sector over time.

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