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Delivering a sustainable low carbon economy

19 March 2010

There is no shortage of challenges for the Scottish economy. How can the situation be used to build a robust low carbon economy with high levels of employment and social inclusion? SDC Scotland is part of a new initiative to refocus investment in a sustainable direction.

Man installing insulationCreating a low carbon recovery from the financial crisis - a green new deal - could put Scotland’s economy back on a more secure footing and start making the step-changes needed to meet Scotland’s climate change targets.

On the initiative of SDC Scotland, The World Development Movement and the Scottish Trade Union Congress, representatives of nearly 20 organisations have come together to work on how to deliver the many initiatives on greening the economy.

Broad coalition 

The organisations represent interest from employment and business development to environment and community projects, and include both private businesses and government bodies. 

The group has set out to identify current initiatives and ways to remove any barriers to a low carbon economic recovery.

Refocusing investment

The group's objective is to be an advocate for refocusing investment. The economy should not only be low carbon but also competitive, resilient, fair and rich in high quality employment. Through partnerships between government, agencies and industry the aim is to help deliver the Scottish Climate Change Act and create a flourishing Scotland.

Overcoming barriers

To achieve this, the group has established three workstreams on finance, skills and regulatory framework.

The aim is to:

  • Produce a roadmap of existing public and private initiatives and programmes and their consequences for skills, investment and infrastructure
  • Gather evidence on short and long term barriers and provide solutions to overcome barriers including fiscal and other policy levers available to the Scottish Government
  • Identify areas where programmes or initiatives can be better join up to enable greater delivery for a sustainable economy

Review existing policy

As a first stage an external consultant will be commission to do a review of the existing policy framework and the relevant initiatives in Scotland. These will be programmes supported both by the Scottish Government and others. This review will help the group to identify where it should direct its resources and energy for best effect.

The work will build on UK and international initiatives around the idea of ‘a green new deal’.

The organisations involved in the project so far are:

Association for the Conservation of Energy
Community Woodlands Association
Construction Skills
Energy Action Scotland
Energy Savings Trust
Environment Link
Footprint Consulting
Friends of the Earth Scotland
Highlands and Islands Enterprise
Local People Leading
Misia Jack Consultancy
Scottish Business in the Community
Scottish Enterprise
SDC Scotland
Scottish Trade Union Congress
World Development Movement
WWF Scotland  

If your organisation would like to be involved in the project please contact
Anne Marte Bergseng

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