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SDC Wales response to Defra funding announcement

22 July 2010

Statement by SDC Wales Commissioner, Peter Davies.

Commenting on the Welsh Assembly Government's response to the decision by Defra to withdraw its funding from the work of the Sustainable Development Commission (SDC) in England, the SDC Commissioner for Wales, Peter Davies OBE said:

"While I am disappointed by the UK Government's announcement, I welcome the statement from the Assembly Government re-affirming its commitment to sustainable development and its intention to fund the Commission in Wales until the end of March 2011. The Assembly Government has a statutory duty to have a scheme setting out how it will promote sustainable development and last year made a commitment to make it the ‘central organising principle’ of government in Wales. I am hugely encouraged by the continued level of support for sustainable development: across all parties, business, and within civil society.

“As highlighted in our ‘Low Carbon Wales’ and Economic Renewal reports, Wales has a complex set of challenges to overcome in the years ahead. We need to reduce our carbon emissions quickly yet fairly and help businesses and communities adapt to climate change; protect jobs across Wales in an economy which is ready for future opportunities and threats; and improve standards and outcomes from public services when budgets are constrained.

“Some of the choices the Assembly Government needs to make will be hard. Government cannot solve these problems alone: it needs challenge and support. Sustainable development is the only approach that can manage the sometimes competing demands of communities, the economy and our environment. Wales now has the opportunity to consider what arrangements are needed."

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