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Draft Zero Waste Regulation built on SDC Scotland report

13 January 2011

SDC Scotland is very pleased to see the draft Regulation to deliver Zero Waste taking forward many of the commission’s proposals. Consultation on the draft closes on 28th February.

recycling binsSDC Scotland has been one of the champions for a Zero Waste Scotland and Commissioner Jan Bebbington was central in shaping waste policy through the Zero Waste Think Tank.

Our report A Burning Issue – Energy from Waste in Scotland, published in 2007, sets out many of the principles proposed in the draft Regulation.

Central to the new waste regime is introducing a landfill ban for large waste streams. This proposal was first put forward by SDC Scotland and will be crucial to delivering a more sustainable Scotland.

Timeline for landfill bans:
– Requirement to sort - dry recyclables
– Requirement to sort - food waste

– Landfill Ban - Source segregated dry recyclables
– Landfill Ban - Source segregated food waste

– Biodegradability ban

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