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SDC welcomes Government’s 'Food 2030' Strategy

5 January 2010

The Sustainable Development Commission today (5 January 2010) welcomes the Government's Food 2030 strategy, hailing its focus on healthy, sustainable diets.  

The SDC’s Commissioner for food, Tim Lang, said:

“For the first time, this strategy recognises the need for us to consume and produce food in much more sustainable ways. It clearly acknowledges that we can't continue as we are if we want to address the challenges of unhealthy diets, climate change and global food security.

“In outlining this strategy for a sustainable and secure UK food system in a global context, government is providing the vision and leadership that many - including the SDC - have long been advocating. It represents a recognition, which the SDC has long advocated, that policy needs to integrate thinking on both supply and demand.

“The focus on defining and supporting sustainable diets, as recommended in the SDC's recent advice to government, is particularly welcome. We recognise that this raises thorny issues, including reconciling the environmental and health impacts of meat and dairy production with the legitimate concerns of producers and consumers. The Government’s commitment to further research in this area is encouraging. At the same time, the strength of existing evidence should provide Government with a strong basis to begin actively tackling these issues.

“The strategy’s emphasis on skills is also to be commended, as is its focus on the importance of working both regionally and internationally. These elements will require ongoing leadership and commitment.

“Overall, this strategy provides a good basis for Government to work with industry and consumers towards achieving a healthy, sustainable and secure food system in the UK. We look forward to continuing to work with them to support this goal.”

The SDC’s advice to Government on the priority elements of sustainable diets, Setting the Table, was published in December 2009.

In 2008, the SDC also published Green, Healthy and Fair, its advice to Government on the role of supermarkets in encouraging a fair and sustainable food system.

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