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SDC Response to the Energy White Paper

23 May 2007


Responding to the Energy White Paper, Dr Bernard Bulkin, Commissioner for Climate Change and Energy at the Sustainable Development Commission, says:

"The Government has come a long way on nuclear power. Thanks to the genuinely renewed consultation process, there's a real opportunity for people to shape the future of nuclear power in the UK.

"We know that the Government is minded towards allowing new nuclear plants, but the question is: what conditions will people place on that decision? We'll be watching to ensure the consultation process is true and transparent, and that the Government takes on board people's views.

"The Government has also made serious progress with its plan to introduce carbon trading for supermarkets, hotels and large offices. The next challenge will be to ensure that the scheme is robust enough to deliver real carbon savings. We'd also like energy companies to be obliged to reduce the amount of power they sell to householders. Experience elsewhere has shown that this is one way to really drive energy efficiency.

"There's still a huge gap between what's planned now, and what's needed to tackle climate change and energy security. We're moving in the right direction - what matters is the speed with which we get there."


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• The SDC is the Government's independent watchdog on sustainable development

• In 2006, the SDC published an extensive examination of nuclear power, which found nuclear was not the answer to tackling climate change or security of supply. The SDC report recognised both the advantages and disadvantages to nuclear power. The report and the supporting evidence-base can be found at: www.sd-commission.org.uk/pages/060306.html

• The SDC's project on tidal power in the UK is ongoing, and will report around September 2007. Our report will be a completely independent review of tidal power from a sustainable development perspective, and will also consider potential options for a Severn Barrage. Further information on this project can be found at: www.sd-commission.org.uk/pages/tidal.html

• For Bernard Bulkin's biography, see www.sd-commission.org.uk/pages/bulkin.html

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