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The Sustainable Development Commission welcomes BERR's announcement of its Renewables Strategy Consultation

26 June 2008

Jonathon Porritt, Chair of the Sustainable Development Commission, said:

"It is essential that we take urgent, bold and decisive action in the UK to transform the proportion of energy we source from renewables. In part this is a technical challenge, but it is even more about hearts and minds - the conditions the Government needs to create which will allow every one of us as citizens, energy companies and all parts of society to tackle this together. We hope that this consultation will be the start of just such an ambitious process, taking Britain towards a more sustainable future.

The SDC is delighted to see that BERR has responded to many of the issues highlighted in its report Lost in Transmission on Ofgem's role, including ways of improving renewables access to the grid, and the opportunities for capturing wasted heat.

At a time when oil prices are soaring, it is brave but absolutely correct that the Government is up-front and honest about the fact that meeting ambitious renewables targets will add to energy costs between now and 2020. But these costs will be offset if we all reduce the huge amount of energy we waste. Unless we act now we will be imposing huge costs on the poorest and most vulnerable people in the UK and around the world in terms of climate change impacts."

BERR - Tenfold renewables increase to propel UK toward low carbon future

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2. The Sustainable Development Commission (SDC) is the Government's independent advisory body on sustainability issues. Made up of 18 Commissioners and chaired by Jonathon Porritt, it reports directly to the Prime Minister, the First Ministers of Scotland and Wales and the First and Deputy First Ministers of Northern Ireland.

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